Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ArborNote is loaded with ways to share your data with others. Forwarding individual tree details explaining an emergency situation or sending a maplink for an entire inventory are as simple as a couple of taps or clicks. You are also able to share entire projects with full access with other ArborNote users, or provide read-only access to projects to anyone whether an ArborNote user or not.

ArborNote has the most robust scheduling tool in the industry.  You can create individual calendars for each yard, or even for each crew if you like.  Approved Proposals are dragged and dropped into the calendar to create and schedule a Work Order.  ArborNote allows you to schedule your crews and ALSO your equipment to prevent the double-booking of resources.  Easily see and keep track of the $s and/or crew hours scheduled each day to ensure that productivity goals are met.  Re-scheduling is as easy as dragging a scheduled to Work Order to a new date and/or a different calendar.  At your option, automatically send emails to your clients informing them when work has been scheduled, re-scheduled or completed.

Yes, the ArborNote PHC module was built to address the specific proposal creation, equipment scheduling and billing needs that are unique to PHC.

Yes, ArborNote syncs with both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.

ArborNote Works is our “Crew App” and is complementary to the ArborNote app. ArborNote Works is a simple to use, lightweight application for your crew leaders to use to clock their crews in and out, track completed work, add extra work, measure job profitability, and provide your customers with real-time updates regarding job completion status.  ArborNote Works is essential for understanding the profitability of each job.