Why should YOU use ArborNote?


We get it. You're running a business with multiple moving parts; you don't have time to figure out a complicated business management software, especially one that doesn't really do what you need it to do. That's why we built ArborNote specifically for the tree service industry and made its powerful features easy to learn, simple to use, and beautiful to look at.

Whether you're managing a commercial tree care company, in the field with the crews, or the owner or manager of a commercial property, ArborNote was built for YOU.

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Manage Multiple Clients, Crews, Resources & Job Sites With Ease

Run your commercial tree care company from anywhere, at any time. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, with both mobile and desktop apps for iOS and Android devices and a robust suite of business management tools. From the first customer contact to ongoing, multi-year contracts, ArborNote makes tree care management easy for you and easy for your customers.

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Win more contracts with detailed, interactive proposals that easily communicate the value your company brings to commercial tree management

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Wow your clients by sharing interactive urban forest maps and maintenance plans with property managers, committees, board members, or an entire community

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Manage your sales pipeline, track sales growth, perform data analysis, and improve production efficiency with real-time data and powerful business management tools

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Share maintenance details and work orders with your tree service crews and subcontractors to keep everything moving forward smoothly

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Easily maintain work history data for each client, schedule future work, and stay on track

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Accept credit card payments directly with ArborNote Pay (easily at a service charge to recover the credit card fee, if desired)

Business Owners & Management

What Can You Do With ArborNote?

Manage production efficiency with real-time data and reports, such as:

  • revenue and margin per hour, per job, or per crew
  • scheduled and available resources and crews, work backlogs, contractor jobs
  • budgeted vs. actual labor cost

Manage your tree care business with financial management features built right in, such as:

  • sales pipeline report, submitted proposals
  • detailed profitability reports
  • job costing
  • contracts and SLA data
  • seamless integration with QuickBooks
Pelfrey Tree

Extremely easy to use for bidding arbor care work and it puts out amazing professional proposals that my clients love.

Derek Schendel

Pelfrey Tree
Bid It
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Field Crews

Stay on Track with Clear Schedules & Work Orders

Get the information you need to do each job correctly and efficiently while giving your clients a personalized experience they won't forget.

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Quick, easy access to individual customer data, from a full history of past work to their contact information and preferences

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See photos, work order details, and a map of each tree so you know exactly where it is and what to do

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View all your past chats and messages with clients, like reminders, bookings, and heads-up texts so you don't have to ask them again

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Update work order status with a few simple taps, creating a work history for each tree and updating the master tree inventory in seconds

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Clock in and out to track and manage time spent on each job

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Automated follow-up so no tree service quotes fall through the cracks; customers can approve an estimate via email with a click and a tap

Dan Crosby

From day one, ArborNote's staff made the onboarding and training process easy, convenient and seamless. Within a couple of days, we were out on the field using the app on our phones. As a Certified Arborist and owner of the company, ArborNote has become an invaluable tool that has allowed us to be much more efficient, and stand out against our competitors.

Dan Crosby, Owner

Made in the Shade
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Property & Community Managers

Complete Oversight & Management of All Trees on Your Property

Whether you manage a single property or an entire community, trees are one of that property's most valuable assets. Be sure your trees are properly taken care of by using the many features of ArborNote that make you more efficient and your job easier.

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Easily create, distribute, and analyze tree service RFPs

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Maintain work history orders so you know exactly what's been done and when

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Create tree care and maintenance plans that help maintain property value

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View trees from one or all of your properties at the same time and look up street trees by property address

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Manage hazards and risks to help mitigate accidents and liability

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Track tree-related sidewalk and hardscape damage

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Issue and manage work orders

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Share tree-related updates, care and maintenance plans, work history, and more with your community, employees, and management

Property & Community Managers

Who Uses ArborNote?

ArborNote tree service software is used by professional property and community managers across a wide range of commercial properties, such as:

  • HOAs
  • apartment buildings
  • retail or shopping centers
  • office parks
  • corporate centers
  • retirement communities
  • municipalities
  • schools/universities
  • golf courses

For example, if something happens to a tree, you can easily identify it in the app, then send it by SMS, including all the details about the tree, to your tree service provider. The company's crew will receive a detailed work order and map showing where the tree is (with driving directions to your property!), allowing them to go straight to the tree and get to work.